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The College Admissions Process can be a daunting task for even top students and educated parents

Every year, thousands of students across the country do not get into their first choice college, just because of small errors on applications and important factors overlooked.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are left unclaimed on the table each year because the Scholarship and Financial Aid applications process can be complicated.

With the World Wide Web at everyone’s finger tips there is enough information available to navigate successfully through the admissions process. However, the shear volume of it all can be overwhelming and derail your future.

College Admissions Officials spend a few minutes on each of thousands of applications they receive.

Will your application stand out?

Don’t have sleepless nights about getting into the college of your choice. Trying to do it on your own can be one of the biggest mistakes you can make for your future.

Utilizing extensive education and experience in the field, College Consulting, LLC has spent more than 25 years assisting students and parents with making smarter choices for college admission and focusing on the goal of navigating the college admissions process successfully. Our comprehensive, personalized service is customized to meet the needs of each student, determining whether they are on the right track no matter whether they are top of their class or a late bloomer. With unlimited consultation time, we include all services and make sure each step of the process is completed with excellence, navigating through financial aid, scholarship issues, personal statements, essays, deadlines, documents, and every concern the student may have through this process.

Mary Lou Kelly B.A. M.Ed., Independent College Consultant

Trust College Consulting, LLC with expert advice for:
- High School students grades 9 - 12
- Students wishing to transfer to another college
- Adults seeking to attend graduate or professional schools
- Adults seeking to attend college for the first time, or complete a degree

Every student is guaranteed unlimited consultation time and personalized, comprehensive service. College Consulting, LLC offers flexible programs tailored to the unique needs of each student.

"I have been working with Mary Lou Kelly and College Consulting LLC for the past several years, since my daughter was a freshman in HS. She is now a junior. Mary Lou has been extremely helpful and instrumental in helping to navigate the curriculum and path for my daughter so that, at an early age, she is more aware of the issues surrounding college candidacy and is better positioned to capitalize on them. On Mary Lou’s advice we have been conducting some early college visits and this has been very helpful in providing the tangible bar of achievement and success necessary to attend a particular school. This provides clear information as to what is required for admission and additional incentive to my daughter to succeed at the HS level. Mary Lou’s overall college insight in is unmatched as to what we have seen thus far."

David (Easton, CT)

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